Rules 2019

English edition!
Only the french version has a legal validity.

Article 1

All participants acknowledge having read these rules and accept the clauses in their entirety and the normal and frequent risks related to the practice of cycling, such as individual or collective falls.

Article 2

The Cyclosportive Les Marcaires will take place on a unique route of 120 km with an elevation of 3095 meters. This event is timed and organized on a road open to the public traffic.
This Cyclosportive is organized by the Sprinter Club of Munster under the aegis of the Sports and Gymnastics Federation (FSGT).

Article 3

The start will take place at 08:30 at the Maison du Fromage (Munster Road 68140 GUNSBACH). The actual start will be given Rue du 9ème Zouave (front of Renault garage) after crossing the city of Munster. This 4 km neutralized route will be grouped at reduced speed guided by the opener vehicle.

Article 4

The participation is open to all, licensed and unlicensed, subject to being at least 18 years old on the date of the event.
The competitors holding a license issued by a federation authorizing the practice of competitive cycling (FFC, UFOLEP, FSGT, FFTri exclusively of a French federation), must imperatively provide the copy of their license of the current year, on request after registration and when taking the handlebar plate and race number.

The other competitors, (FFCT Licensees, FFC PASS’LOISIR and SERVICE, FFC manager and Referee, foreign licenses and non-licensed) must provide the original or the copy of a medical certificate of non-contra-indication to the practice of cycling in competition dating from less than a year to the day of the race, on request after registration and when collecting the handlebar plate and race number.

In case of missing piece, the rider will not be able to start. To maintain a quality organization and guarantee the safety of cyclists, the number of participants is limited to 600.

Article 5

Hard shell helmets are mandatory throughout the event. Each participant is required to respect the rules of the road, to use the right sections of the road and ensure its own security by adapting his speed. He undertakes not to be followed by assistance car on the course (the organizer declines all responsibility in case of accident that would be caused by or with such a vehicle). Race management reserves the right to disqualify competitors who deliberately throw his garbage out of the allocated areas or garbage cans.

Article 6

The organizers have taken out an insurance policy which covers their civil liability as well as that of the participants, for the material damages or bodily injuries they could accidentally cause to third parties or to each other. It takes effect only on the official itinerary and during the duration of the event.

The participants will return to the starting area, out of race, on road open to the traffic and under their own responsibility. In accordance with the content of Article L321-4 of the Sports Code, the organizers mention the importance of contracting a personal insurance policy covering bodily injury they can be exposed during this race. It is up to the participants to guarantee themselves for this type of damage. Licensees must check with their own cycling federation that they are well covered. Otherwise, it is in their interest, as well as that of the non-licensed, to subscribe, at least the proposed insurance, or other guarantees to the insurer of their choice.

Article 7

A safety and supervision system composed of: vehicles, bikers, signalmen, radios transmission as well as a free first aid and medical supervision service (doctors, ambulances and first-aid workers) is set up on the race. They act in addition to conventional and public rescue resources. Other medical, surgical, hospitalization, evacuation and repatriation costs stay in charge of the participants.

Article 8

In case of accident, which may involve the responsibility of the organizer, a declaration must be sent within 48 hours, in writing form, to the organizer by registered mail. This declaration must include the precise and detailed circumstances of the incident, as well as any supporting documents, in order to constitute a file accepted by the insurance companies.

Article 9

All participants must have checked equipment in perfect condition before starting, they must dispose of spare parts (tire inner tube mandatory), as well as appropriate clothing.

Article 10

The defined course may be modified, the race neutralized, or canceled without notice, by the race manager.
In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, no registration fee or other costs will be refunded.
A time limit is set up at the Schlucht Pass km 72,450. Any participant appearing beyond 12:30 (noon-thirty), will be considered out-of-race.

Depending on the case, he will have to use the safety route, give back his handlebar plate to the last assistance car and, if necessary, get on board or stop. In case of refusal, he will no longer be covered by the organization, which declines all responsibility.

Article 11

Designated referees have the right to sanction or even exclude on the spot and remove their handlebar plate from any competitor who does not comply with the rules. Medical personal is also authorized to stop and evacuate any participant taking risks that could be harmful to his health or his own life.

Article 12

The registration is personal, it gives the right to a chronological race number. Registrations via the Internet have the legal cooling-off period and therefore a 7 days for cancellation (LRAR). In case of any unavailability, the registration can then be transferred to a third party but only under the following conditions:
The transfer request must be received imperatively by May 24th.
The beneficiary of the registration transfer must hold a license (FFC, FSGT, UFOLEP, Triathlon) or a valid medical certificate.
The original holder of the registration carries out the transfer procedures and remains the sole responsible.
For that purpose, he will pass on to the organizer by e-mail or mail with the required form (clic here):
– His personal data,
– Race number being already attributed to him,
– The address and phone number of the new participant,
– A copy of the cycling license or the medical certificate of the beneficiary.

Article 13

Registration fees remain to the organization no matter what could happen. A race number is assigned and reserved. In case of absence, surrender of the participant, adjournment or cancellation of the event or for any other reason no refund will be made.

Article 14

To identify and control the regularity of the event, a handlebar plate and a race number will be assigned to each participant. The handlebar plate must all the time be visible from the front of the bike, the race number must be pinned on the back in the center of the jersey.

The data concerning race times or average speed as well as ranking are given for information purposes only. In no case this information cannot give rise to a claim or compensation.

Article 15

The overall and categories times are established according to the official time of start and in the order of crossing the finish line.
The rankings will be established according to the following categories:

W1 – 18 to 39 years old
W2 – 40 to 49 years old
W3 – 50 years and over

A – 18 to 29 years old
B – 30 to 39 years
C – 40 to 49 years
D – 50 to 59 years old
E – 60 to 64 years old
F – 65 years old and over
H – disabled
T – Tandem

Trophy of the best team:
Two rankings are done separately. The one of the team with the largest number of finishers. The one of the best average time of the team.
The final ranking is obtained by the average of both. In case of equality, the best time will be considered. Participation in this ranking is reserved for teams with at least 5 finishers.

Article 16

The supermarket Super U Munster car parking is reserved for the competitors.
Industrial Zone 18 Martin Hilti Street D.417 68140 MUNSTER
GPS coordinates: latitude, 48.041012001028 longitude, 7.138785036470

Article 17

The withdrawal of the handlebar plate and race number can be done on Saturday, May 25, 2019 from 14:00 to 18:00 or on Sunday morning from 06:00 to 07:30 at the Cheese House (Munster Road in Gunsbach), near to the start area.

Article 18

Any participant in the Cyclosportive Les Marcaires, expressly authorizes the organizers and their successors such as partners and media, to use the results and images, on which he could appear during the event on all media including promotional and advertising material, worldwide and for the longest period given by law, regulations or treaties.

Article 19

Data processing and freedoms: In accordance with the French legislation in force, the participant has the right to access, rectification or opposition on the personal computer data concerning him. These may be used, sold, rented or exchanged, particularly for commercial information operations, results, and for the press.

Article 20

This Regulation has been drafted in French which will be considered as the official language and is subject to the French law. In any case not foreseen above, reference will be made to the general rules of the FSGT in force on the day of the event.