MARCAIRES 2021 Cancelled

We believed in it until now, but instead of improving, the Covid sanitary situation is again deteriorating. We are approaching the date of the Gran Fondo and we are at a turning point. It is right now that orders for equipment and services must be placed and therefore large costs will incur.

The information obtained from the local authorities did not reassure us, it all depends on government decisions and as everyone knows, they are unpredictable and evolve according to many parameters. In view of the current situation, the probability of being refused the day before the event is even quite high.

Even if there is a small chance that we could organize it, the associated sanitary constraints will be enormous. As this organization is based on volunteerism, we would have difficulty mobilizing the necessary staff.

We do not want to jeopardize the existence of the association with a significant risk of financial deficit and at the same time the existence of the Marcaires. The Sprinter Club Munster wants to continue this adventure with you. As the organizers’ agendas do not allow a postponement later in the season, we will focus on 2022, where it will be with great pleasure that we meet again.

For all those who trusted us and pre-registered we will proceed with the full refund. This will be done in the coming weeks. The few costs already incurred remain at our expense and we will not make a deduction as we had mentioned in the event rules. A second time, all the preparation work is reduced to nothing, we are probably just as disappointed as you are, but in cycling we know that after difficult sections much better times are coming.

Even though the number of events will be limited in 2021, we still wish you a good 2021 season. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The Marcaires organization team

Sprinter Club Munster.

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