SCM – Sprinter Club Munster

The Sprinter Club, with 50 members mainly from the valley of Munster and the surroundings of Colmar was founded in 1999. Its aim is to encourage, promote and encourage the practice of cycling in all its forms and at all ages.

SCM organisateur de la cyclosportive Les Marcaire Alsace Vosges

Its priority is to create among all its members bonds of friendship and good camaraderie and to offer a friendly, free and diversified practice of our sport. Each must find its place, live good times while participating in a rewarding social life. Each must find its place, live good times while participating in a rewarding social life.

The mountainous environment, without forgetting the bucolic roads of the region, have certainly favored the development of the association.
It brings together all cycling enthusiasts within the same unit, occasional riders or confirmed cyclists, all come together for the same goal: to share a moment of sport combining physical effort and conviviality.

The club is, affiliated with the FFC (French cycling federation) and the FSGT (sports and gymnastics federation of work), is present through its competitors in regional events, and its members participate in the biggest cycling sports events such as the “La Marmotte”, “l’Etape du Tour”.
To better prepare for these events and perfect their physical condition, members meet every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

The club is proud of the years that have passed, of the bold organizations launched and its desire is to carry out projects that are ever more worthy of our environment and the conditions in which it practices its cycling passion.

Today the major organization ist the Gran Fondo “Les Marcaires”. If this invites you to take up a challenge and live an unforgettable experience, it is and will remain a 100% voluntary event….! With all the local communities, with the support of sponsors and with its hard core of motivated volunteers, this event has continued to develop.

So, if you like cycling, if you want to ride in a group, you are a confirmed cyclist or not, join us!

Remember, through an association, everyone can make a contribution that is essential to its functioning.
The Sprinter Club is just waiting to grow.

Joël Mangeney

The sponsors of the Sprinter Club Munster 2018-2021
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