FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a limited number of participants?
Answer: Yes, in order to assure a quality organization, we limit the number of participant to 600.

Question: After the finish line in Gashney, is there a transport organized back to Gunsbach , or does each participant joint the start place by his onw ?
Answer:  No, there is no transportation planned to the start place. But no fear of not being able to return to your car after giving all your forces in the race, it is easy. First you have the fast descent of the Gaschney then it is always lightly descending to the parking lot.

Question: Can we entrust a bag to the organization and pick it up on arrival?
Answer: Yes you have the possibility to entrust us your bag at the start place, we will transfer it to the arrival. You will be able to change your clothes after crossing the finish line.

Question: Is there a bike park at the finish area?
Answer: Yes we organize a safe bike park, so you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

Question: May I register on site at the day of the race?
Answer: No, it will be not possible to register on site the day of the race, registrations will stop on Thursday, May 21 at midnight or after reaching 600 participants.

Question: I registered online and I’m asked to provide a copy of my license or medical certificate. How should I do it ?
Answer: Very simple, you scan your licence or certificate and return the file to following addess: contact@cyclosportive-lesmarcaires.frA picture taken with a smartphone will be fine too.

Question: I registred and unfortunately I will not be able to participate to the race.What to do?
Answer: We have set up the possibility to transfer your registration the another person of your choice. For more details, please refer to Article 12 of the rules.

Question: When and where will be the rankings available?
Answer: They will be available on bulletin board a few minutes after you crossed the finish line. It the evening they will be posted online and available on our website.